Stay Informed, Even After Your Getaway

Don't let the post-vacation catch-up overwhelm you. RecapIQ keeps you in the loop so you can ease back into work with confidence.

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Meet RecapIQ

Your Vacation's Perfect Companion

Peace of Mind Icon

Peace of Mind

Worried about what you missed? RecapIQ summarizes emails, chats, and meetings, so you can relax on vacation without worrying about the backlog.

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Seamless Reentry

Transition smoothly from vacation mode to work mode. RecapIQ helps you quickly catch up on what happened while you were away.

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Vacation Freedom

Enjoy your vacation to the fullest. RecapIQ ensures you have all the essential updates, so you can unplug without feeling disconnected.

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Relaxed Return

No more post-vacation stress. RecapIQ prepares you with all the insights you need for a relaxed return to work.



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